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The Film Media Network is an exciting creative community with practical workshops, film screenings and masterclasses in all aspects of film and media run by actual filmmakers in association with the Moving PIctures Cinema's.
We run all our classes in the Moving Pictures Cinema locations that are throughout London.
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The Film Media Network is a community that will help develop your career in the Film and Media industry by gaining access to key knowledge, individuals, training and networks from the experts who are active in the industry.

Inside Access to the Industry 

Meet top professionals in The Film and Media industry sharing their industry knowledge, tips and support.

MasterClasses, Courses, Events

Our Innovative approach offers professional knowledge and training fuelled by current film industry experts.

Creative Film Community

Be part of a creative community of filmmakers, artists and film business financing groups that will help you excel in the industry.


Courses and Masterclasses

The Film Media Network Producing Masterclass

Producing Masterclass

The Film Media Network Funding Masterclass

Film Funding Masterclass

The Film Media Network Short FIlms Masterclass

Short Films Masterclass

The Film Media Network Directing Masterclass

Directing Masterclass

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Script Writing / Script Series

Woman with White Shirt

Acting Masterclass

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Film Marketing & PR

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Documentary Masterclass

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